Policy of rules of the Jason Contour Advisory, Service and Tourism Ltd. and the Sziki Naturist Association 

– detailed rules concerning the function of –

Naturist Beach and Camping

(found under the address: 6791 Szeged-Kiskundorozsma, Vereshomok dűlő No. 1.)


1. In the bathing season: from 1st of May till 30th of September the beach is opened every days from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m.. The camping is opened continuously.

Arrived, the camping guests can occupy their quarters from 14 p.m. and they must leave it till 10.30 a.m. on the day of their departure. After this time for the rest of the day they can rest on the part of the beach as beach guests with the rules and prices of the beach guests.

The beach guests can stay on the part of the camping only in case of invitation from camping guests.

The wellness part of the timber house (sauna, jacuzzi, gm hall, toilets, shower curtain) can be used only by the guests registered before at the reception.

After the closing time the beach guests must leave the beach.


2. The beach and the camping is exclusive. Only the members of Sziki Naturist Association and their guests can are allowed to stay with registration. Only with valid entrance ticket, rental or with other type of registration form could be stood on the territory of the camping and the beach.

For the unguardedly left objects of the guests we don’t undertake responsibility! We custody the objects of the guests left on the reception without recovery of damages and financial responsibility.


3. The beach and the camping stands exclusively for naturists. In good weather on its territory the nakedness is compulsory. Do not use swimming suit while bathing, or tanning.

In case of women the temporary use of monokini (the underwear of the bathing suit) is allowed because of hygiene matters, but we ask you that in these period do not swim.

We ask our new guests to be attentive and to observe the naturist habits even when being for the first time here. Please try to accommodate and to adjust!


4. To act sexually defiant and provocative is strictly forbidden on the whole territory of the beach and the camping!

It is forbidden to take pictures of others, to record – without the consent of the one who is on the  snapshot – even with a mobile phone!


 5. Bathing is possible where is indicated.

The indicator „Mélyvíz” (Deep water) shows the parts where only the good swimmers may swim.

Children under the age of 6, and those who cannot swim, can only bath with parental supervision, in the small, indicated, shallow, specially-made-for-them lagoon.

Is forbidden to fish.


6. Is forbidden to litter on the territory of the beach and the camping (including the sporting and relaxing areas), and is forbidden to contaminate and to pollute the water, the surface of the water, the short of the lake!


One should take care of the cleanness of toilets.

Collecting the garbage is possible into the plastic and metal dustbins placed on the territory of the beach and camping.


7.  Doing sports is possible on the areas (volleyball pitch, turul filed etc.) marked out specially for this reason.

For playing and doing sports one can get various instruments and toys, which need to be used according to its designation. After using they have to be returned to the reception.

When bathing, and when doing sports or playing (including boating, surfing) one must take care of others physical integrity as well, and of those attitudes which may bother others.

When doing sports and while playing one must abstain from those attitudes, which may damage the planted grass, trees and other forms of vegetation.

It is forbidden to damage in any ways the buildups found on the territory of the beach and camping.

We do not take responsibility for the objects of our guest, which were left unattended!


8. In the territory of the camping for the sake of the untroubled relaxation yelling, running and speaking loud is forbidden after 10 p.m.!

The wellness timber house, expect the night programs organized by the operator can be visited till 10 p.m.

Listening of radio, CD- and/or cassette-player or any other electronic multimedia device is possible with earphones only. Actuation of the radio device found in cars is forbidden in the parking lines, too!


9. Cooking is possible only in the marked fireplace (indicated with boards). The kitchen maintained for the camping guests cannot be used by those who come to the beach.

Use of chairs found before the bar, the restaurant and in the wellness house is possible only with own towels because of hygienic matters.

The chairs, tables and other available items of equipment can be reserved only for the duration of use.


10. It is forbidden to bring animals to the bathing area!

The guests of the camping must keep their dog on leash near their tent or caravan. Walking of the dogs is possible only outside of the camp.


11. The motor vehicles brought inside the beach and the camping territory must be kept in the specially made and indicated parking area. We do not take responsibility for the damages occured inside the cars, while both the inside and the outside parking places are without vigilance.


12. It is possible to exclude from the territory of the beach and camping, as well as the extrusion and to repudiate the entrance from:

 a)  who does not (or did not) keep (kept) the present policy of rules,

 b) who is suffering from infectious illness (and its marks can be seen from the outside, for his/her entrance a medical certificate may be required)

 c) who is under the influence of alcohol, or in a precedent case was inebriant

d) who, with a scandalous attitude, committed or is about to commit the delinquency of truculence (Btk. 271. §.)  or the infringement of obscenity (Btk. 208. §.), or molested someone with similar act. In this case the above mentioned person will be given in charge of police.


Szeged-Sziksósfürdő, 14 July 2012

Management/ Presidency