Szeged-Sziksósfürdő, Vereshomok dűlő 1, 6791

GPS: 46° 16′ 0″ N , 20° 1′ 1.5″ E

Opening hours

Beach: every day 08-19

Camping: here too we are waiting quests until 7pm

(Later arrival by arrangement)


In case of reservation or if you have any kind of question contact us via:

phone: +36-20-249-8616

Reception Chief Operating Officer (CEO)
e-mail: e-mail:
phone: +36-20-249-8616 phone: +36-20-967-3702

Be careful before you are making a reservation, take into account that there are many  different periods through the whole season (We mean there are more intense, lively times and of course there are calm, and more peaceful periods), after considering this you may be able to adjust your calendar, and pick the date that satisfies your holiday needs the most. More intense, lively period on the SZIKI beach-camp: high season, sunny weekends, the advertised events (e.g.: Sportsweek, Camp of art)Less teeming and rather calm times: pre and off season, weekdays, in case of bad weather.

Want to reserve or have any questions? Message us and we will respond within one day or call you back!