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    SZIKI Events for 2023 summer

    Dear our Guests!

    Here you can read about our planned events for the summer of 2023. We look forward to greeting you on our programs.

    29th Apr-01st May, 2023                     Opening Weekend

    13th May, 2023                                    Beautifying the camping

    27th May, 2023                                    Children’s day

    19-25th June, 2023                              XVIII. Camp of Art

    08th July, 2023                                    Cooking competition

    10-16th July, 2023                               XXIV. Young Naturists’ Meeting

    22nd July, 2023                                   Welcome Party for Our Dutch Friends

    24-30th July, 2023                               XXXV. International Naturists Sportsweek

    05th August, 2023                               The day of the lake

    the weekend of 19th August, 2023     Shooting Star Googeling Party

    16-17th September, 2023                    Closing Weekend

    The date and happening of the programs may change depending on external circumstances.

    SZIKI events for 2023 summer

    SZIKI events for 2022

    Dear our Guests, Here you can read about our planned events for the summer of 2022. We look forward to greeting you on our programs.

    Programmes we organise every year

    Beautifying the campsite:

    Every year in May there is a „campsite-beautifying day”, when every guest is offered the possibility to remake the campsite in their own image. On such occasions our diligent guests plant flowers, prune trees, help to modernise our buildings.

    Opening weekend:

    The opening of the season starts with a panel discussion held together with our guests. At this forum anyone can make suggestions concerning the forthcoming period of time. In case of high attendance there is a disco party at the end of the event.

    Children’s Day:

    The last weekend of May belongs to the kids. They can test themselves in game quizes, pancake-eating- and refreshment-drinking contests, and they can also try out different handicrafts.

    Art camp:

    In the middle of June lots of artists come to the campsite: painters, jewellery craftspeople, photographers. Our guests will be given the possibility to permanently observe them at work, and they can also buy the products.

    Cooking competition:

    In June we organise a garden party as well. Groups of friends are expected to apply for the event. The jury awards the best meals cooked on the spot in different categories.

    Dutch party:

    On the Saturday prior to the Sports Week we come together to greet our Dutch friends. That evening children and adults are given the possibility to show their skills. Anyone can do a performance individually or in a group: singing, joke-telling, tale-telling, acrobatic stunts, legerdemain, performing short scenes.

    Sports Week:

    This is our most popular event. Given its international character, lots of foreign guests take part in it as well. During a whole week the competitors can measure their skills in a lot of individual and team sports in children and adult age groups. The announcement of results takes place on the last day of the week.

    The Festival of the Lake:

    Every year in August, on our guests’ initiative, we dedicate a Saturday to celebrate our favourite lake. In the afternoon couples can also test themselves in different skill competitions. In the evening the polystyrene objects made during the day are set afloat. The day ends with a campfire, where everyone can fry their own steak.

    Shooting-star party:

    In August we organise a special evening event as well, when the beach guests are also allowed to stay after closing time to watch the sunset and the meteor shower with our guests. This is followed by a common barbecue party when night falls. In the end the campsite employees dazzle our guests with a firework display.

    Closing weekend:

    At the end of the season we organise a forum again, where everyone can tell their opinion about the period of time spent there. The participants can ask questions and make suggestions related to the next season. On demand, just like at the opening weekend, we end the day with a disco party.