The events have accelerated at the 4th and 5th day of the Sportsweek.

On Thursday the weather turned cooler a bit, but it wasn’t really a problem – we needed to cancel only the ‘swimming with mattresses’. Interestingly more female competitor started to the tire throwing than male. But surprisingly men began to race on the hulahoop ring too.

After that chidren and adults were running in bags – and truly enjoyed it. Just like in the eating of sliced bread with the top of  sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread – even the adults ate it in a real funny mode (they came back to ask for more).

The streetball was new here, maybe that’s the reason why a lot of people started to compete it.

Because of the cold evening, the karaoke party was held inside, in the big wooden house. Nearly every participant sang something. For example Solya sang a Russian song and Rowen a Hungarian one. Proposed by G. Zoli the Dutch people chanted Hungarian songs and vica versa. Finally everyone sang together the famous ‘We are the champions’.

On Friday we had nice weather too – nobody could stop the children. Yes, it was the children’s sports day – they were really enthusiastic about all of the sports: 100 meter running, long jumping, ice spitting, mini fishing, balloon throwing, darts and melon eating. The last two was new here, but it turned instantly popular among the kids (and among the ‘bigger kids’, the adults too).

At early evening at the prize-giving ceremonie they got lot of presents (carefully selected by Kata and Solya) – they looked very much happy indeed.

Even it was an exhausting day for the children they were partying until late night on the ‘kid’s disco’.